DANIEL NGUYEN | Project Manager

GRACE KRÜTSCH | Sector Development and Section Leader (Melbourne Assessment Prison)

Grace joined PLEA as a presenter at the Metropolitan Remand Centre back in 2012 and since then has moved through the organisation to spearhead the renewal of programs at the Melbourne Assessment Prison in 2015. She is in her penultimate year of a Bachelor of Arts and Laws with a major in Criminology having recently returned from a year studying law in Copenhagen. While abroad, she worked with a non-profit organisation providing legal assistance to workers in Copenhagen’s Red Light District. Grace’s passion for social justice drew her to PLEA and her work as a section leader complements her academic interests in understanding and improving the operation of the criminal justice and prison systems in Victoria.

STEPHANIE SWAN | Operations Manager

LACHLAN STEINFORT | Section Leader (Parkville Youth Justice Centre)

Lachlan has been going into the Parkville Youth Justice Centre with PLEA for over 3 years, and has recently been appointed as co-section leader. His role has a focus on engaging with the PYJC volunteers and contributing to content and session development. Lachlan will be moving into his final (hopefully) year of his arts/law degree at Monash University with plans to move into criminal law after that. He is an avid field hockey player, and enjoys playing for his local club in Waverley.

ELEANOR SCOTT | Section Leader (Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, Marngoneet Correctional Centre)

Eleanor joined PLEA in early 2015 as a keen young law student and has since moved through the organization to develop programs in the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre and spearhead new programs at the Marngoneet Correctional Centre. Eleanor is in her third year of a Bachelor of Arts and Law at Monash University with a major in Politics. She believes education is essential in empowering individuals to take control of their lives, and is passionate about breaking down barriers influenced by socioeconomic background. Her paralegal work in the Police Accountability sector of the Flemington Kensington CLC opened her eyes to the importance of ensuring that government and public systems are fair and effective. In her free time, Eleanor can be found online shopping, tweeting, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee.

RACHEL CASHMORE | Section Leader (Metropolitan Remand Centre)

Rachel is in her final year of her Juris Doctor, and also has completed a Bachelor’s degree focusing on Criminology and Politics. She began volunteering with PLEA in February last year, and has been the Section Leader at the Metropolitan Remand Centre since May. She recently completed an extended internship at the Capital Appeals Project in Louisiana, helping to appeal death sentences, as well as litigating civil suits regarding the treatment and conditions within the prisons. Rachel was drawn to PLEA due to her passion for prisoners’ rights and the her belief that community legal education is an absolute essential for all people in a modern society. Rachel enjoys hot soups, bright lipsticks, binge-watching TV shows, and has her coffee with soy despite not being lactose-intolerant, she just thinks it tastes better that way.

COURTNEY HART | Section Leader (Port Phillip Prison)

Courtney has been with PLEA since 2015. She is undertaking the Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne Law School. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminology in which she took a particular interest in historical trends in societal responses to crime. She has experience working in a firm practising in family and criminal law. She acknowledges the structural constraints that inmates face when it comes to accessing legal information and hopes to clarify confusing areas of the criminal justice system so that inmates are better equipped to deal with the law. In her spare time. Courtney enjoys playing basketball, jogging and doing some (non-law related) reading.

OPHELIA HOLLWAY | Content Development

VANESSA MURPHY | Youth Content Development

Vanessa joined PLEA as a presenter at the Parkville Youth Justice Centre in 2014. She completed her Bachelor of Arts/Laws, with a major in History and minor in Psychology in 2015, and is currently undertaking her traineeship as a Law Graduate.

Vanessa recognizes the important of equipping young persons in custody with legal knowledge targeted to their needs. She enjoyed her time presenting and working with young people, and has now transitioned into a role focused on managing the content for the program at Parkville Youth Justice Centre.

SAM WHITNEY | Communications Manager

Sam joined PLEA as a presenter in 2013 and lead the program at the Metropolitan Remand Centre where he oversaw the introduction of a family law program tailored to male remandees. Sam has since ‘retired’ to manage PLEA’s fundraising and corporate communications. Scraping through a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Arts from Monash University he now works as a policy officer in the Victorian public service.

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