About Us


The PLEA Project delivers legal education in prisons to assist inmates to proactively handle their legal cases.

Our aim is to provide inmates with the knowledge and skills needed to gain control in an environment where they may feel powerless.

We recognise the structural, psychological and cultural barriers that can prevent access to and participation in the justice system. We seek to overcome these barriers by empowerment through practical legal education.


The PLEA Project is entirely volunteer run and based at the Monash-Oakleigh Legal Service.

We have over 50 active volunteers, primarily law students, with a strong understanding of legal processes, excellent communication skills and a commitment to improving access to justice.

The PLEA Project currently operates in Barwon Prison, Marngoneet Correctional Centre, the Metropolitan Remand Centre, Melbourne Assessment Prison, Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, Port Phillip Prison, and the Parkville Youth Justice Precinct.

Our legal workshops cover topics including:

  • Court readiness;
  • Civil Law
  • Family law;
  • Parole readiness;
  • Dealing with police;
  • Sentencing; and
  • Working with lawyers.

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